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“Brain Decoder” by Meta

The innovative company Meta has published the results of a study on the so-called “brain decoder.” Using the achievements of artificial intelligence, it converts thoughts into speech. This unique development is based on non-invasive methods of the brain’s activity recording. The research used magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography. As a result, the scientists collected over 150 hours of recordings of 169 volunteers without health problems.


The algorithm recorded the reaction of the brain of the subjects to listen to audiobooks and individual phrases in Dutch and English. Then, certain words were selected from the text. In this way, a so-called dictionary was created, which started the reverse process of interpreting thoughts and turning them into text.

The algorithm’s accuracy reached 73% when using a set of 793 words, often used in everyday life.


It turned out that EEG and MEG are less reliable than brain-implanted sensors. Therefore, the researchers had to collect more data to improve the accuracy of the given AI model.


Scientists believe that this development will be useful for people who have lost the opportunity to speak and write. At the same time, it is an important contribution to studying the human brain.


In the future, scientists want to increase the dictionary of the algorithm to make it even more accurate.

KubeRay is a great project of ByteDance & Microsoft

Specialists of two companies: Chinese ByteDance and American Microsoft announced to the public about cooperation within the framework of an innovative open source project KubeRay. The experts plan to see it through to the end, despite the intense rivalry between their countries. This state-of-the-art software is designed to help businesses take full advantage of innovation with even greater success.

Ali Kanso, Microsoft programmer, and Jiaxing Shan, ByteDance engineer, shared the main details of the project with the public. Representatives of the companies spoke at a special Ray Summit event held in San Francisco. The engineers discussed their work with the attending industry experts and developers interested in creating unique programs using this software. The project specialists spoke about the considerable advantages of the software.

As you know, the cooperation of technical giants in the field of open-source software is a common practice. But the case of Microsoft and ByteDance stands out from the intellectual property rivalry between China and the US. As you know, this is not the first collaboration. The companies already had a similar experience of cooperation, but the attempt was unsuccessful due to the intervention of the US President Donald Trump. So, in 2020, Microsoft intended to buy TikTok from ByteDance, but Trump vetoed this cooperation, explaining his decision with national security concerns.

Perhaps this time the project will be completed successfully.

Interestingly, in July 2020, a well-known hacker group called Anonymous accused TikTok of massively tracking users and leaking data to Chinese authorities. And in August, Oracle began testing content moderation methods on the popular social network TikTok for manipulation by Chinese authorities.

The great battle between China and the US for AI leadership is causing great public concern. However, there are opportunities for joint fruitful cooperation. And such cross-border collaboration is key to making the most of today’s advances in computing for the benefit of the entire world.


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