Consulting services

Reditsys provides IT consulting services for businesses of any scale and field of activity. These include analysis of the current state and development of a company’s management strategy, analysis of the enterprise’s business architecture and the construction of an optimal business model, technical support of both the products we developed and other software solutions, as well as the preparation of technical specifications for the development of sites and software products.

The Reditsys team aims to create long-term collaboration. Therefore, all the projects created by us combine such qualities as ease of management, scalability, as well as the ability to personalize and customize. All this requires the provision of high-quality technical advice and support.

Technical support

In Reditsys, you can order technical support for your website, blog, CRM or ERP systems and other software products developed by us and third-party organizations. This service involves the modernization and correction of malfunctions and malfunctions in the product or commercial site, regardless of the reason for their occurrence. Technical support for sites and software products can include an almost unlimited number of options, depending on the wishes of the client, including:

  • creation of a hotline for timely advice;
  • training personnel to work with software or commercial resource management;
  • elimination of errors of any difficulty level;
  • product modernization according to customer needs.
Drawing up technical specifications for the development of sites and software products

Drafting technical specifications is a prerequisite for creating a quality software product or site. The functionality of the IT product, the convenience and attractiveness of its interface will depend on how well-composed business rules, functional and non-functional requirements are. Therefore, the preparation of TK must be approached with maximum responsibility.

Our experts develop technical specifications with the following qualities:

  • an exhaustive amount of information to get started;
  • structuredness, which simplifies the perception of the task and its assessment;
  • the lack of conflicting information and information not related to the development process;
  • using specifics, without vague wording and phrases;
  • a full description of the functionality and design of the future product.

Thanks to this TK, every business owner will be able to get a product that fully meets his needs.


We will not advertise ourselves, just say - if you have a task, we most likely have an example of its solution, and we are ready to provide you with a summary of the product and customer contacts for recommendations.


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