Software development

Our company has been providing software development services for business for many years. The products we have developed allow you to optimize most work processes and increase the company’s efficiency.

From us, you can order product development of any level of complexity, starting with a program for reading license plates on vehicles and ending with software for accounting for working time or financial expenses. When creating such products, the team studies all business processes of the enterprise, structures the received data, listens to the client’s wishes and only then creates a solution for a specific enterprise. Due to this, all company’s products are distinguished by high efficiency and a simple and understandable interface.

Development of ERP systems

Does your company handle large amounts of data? Optimize your work with the ERP system from Reditsys! This type of software allows you to store and manage large amounts of information with the help of a modular system developed for a specific enterprise and its needs. ERP systems are intended for the optimization of business processes, balanced management of affairs, and structured storage of data.

The company’s developers create individual ERP systems for each business. The solutions we create can be integrated into any system, providing business owners with the ability to manage via a PC and smartphone.

CRM system development

CRM systems from our company will allow you to increase the level of sales, improve the company’s marketing strategy, and optimize several business processes.

Our CRM systems have the following capabilities:

maintaining contacts – access to information about customers, the amount and dates of purchases made by them or services used, and the number of expenses;

optimization – the system automatically reminds of the need to make a call to the client or send a message;

analytics – a collection of analytical data on the performance of each activity;

optimization of the marketing strategy.

Our company’s CRM can be integrated into social networks and messengers, which simplifies work with clients.

Creating an internet portal

The development of Internet portals allows you to attract a larger number of potential customers and increase the amount of profit.

The team has extensive experience in the field of creation and promotion of Internet portals for business and provides services for the creation of online stores, personal blogs, corporate portals, multilingual online resources, etc.

Our specialists create sites with an individual structure and unique functionality that allows you to maximize the efficiency of a specific business.

Specialized applications, programs, and services for business

The company provides services for the creation of any business applications and software. Our products are developed taking into account the individual characteristics of the business, thanks to which they have high efficiency and an understandable interface. Our programs allow you to optimize any business process, starting from warehouse management and ending with the processing of documents, thereby ensuring more efficient development of the company.

Also, you can order from us separate programs and complex solutions that allow you to manage your business from anywhere on the planet and maximize your income.


We will not advertise ourselves, just say - if you have a task, we most likely have an example of its solution, and we are ready to provide you with a summary of the product and customer contacts for recommendations.


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