Mobile App Development

Reditsys company provides services for the development of mobile apps of any complexity and direction, as well as the placement of the created software in the App Store and Google Play. Here you can order a mobile application that will be truly valuable to customers.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications occupy an increasing share of the IT market every year. Mobile versions of websites, CRM systems, games, tracking systems, etc., – today your business growth can be made directly in users’ phones.

The Reditsys team creates applications that are truly useful, functional and provide and increase in customer profits.

Mobile application development involves several stages:

  • drawing up a technical task based on an analysis of the company, its services and the needs of the target audience;
  • designing the adaptive design of the application and its functionality;
  • implementation;
  • testing and bug fixing;

Launch a mobile application and publish it in the App Store or Google Play.

Create responsive design

If you already have your own website or mobile application, you need to make sure that its interface is equally convenient for users of smartphones, PCs and tablets. Lack of responsive design in most cases leads to loss of attention and loss of customers.

Reditsys offers the development of an adaptive design of Internet websites and resources so that its user can use the necessary functionality in just a couple of seconds or get access to the information they are interested in from absolutely any device, regardless of its extension or the operating system used.

Android App Development

Android operating system is the most common in the world. Due to the low cost, it has billions of users.. At Reditsys, you can use the Android app creation service as one of the best ways to attract a multimillion-dollar audience to grow your business.

Creating Applications for Apple Devices

Apple devices running the iOS operating system are used by an increasing number of users. And every year the size of the audience is only growing. Developing a mobile application for iOS is not only a modern requirement of your business, but also your reputation.Stay in trend – expand your business opportunities on any platform!

Cross platform development

If you want to reach the widest possible audience, including users of smartphones on iOS and Android, users of tablets and users of PCs with Windows and Linux operating systems, you will need cross-platform development. This service involves the creation of software that can run on all operating systems.

Using the cross-platform development from Reditsys, you will receive a product that will be equally convenient for users of all platforms. Moreover, when moving from one platform to another, they will meet the familiar interface, which guarantees the success of the application.

Mobile Application Development on Ionic

For business owners who want to maximize the benefits of creating applications, our experts offer software development on React Native. This solution reduces time and resource costs, provides cross-platform support, creates identical functionality and identical gesture control on all mobile devices, and also allows you to automatically update software simultaneously for iOS and Android devices.

Creating Backend Applications

Every year, smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated and require better applications with wide functionality and the ability to control gestures, the development of which is possible only in Backend. The Reditsys team will be able to create software for iOS and Android devices which will have the widest functionality and modern capabilities that are superior to your competitors.

App Placement on the App Store and Google Play

In order to achieve the desired effect, in addition to developing a mobile application, its subsequent placement in the App Store and Google Play is required. This process requires certain knowledge and skill, so it should be entrusted to the professionals at Reditsys.

We will register your company, optimizing the landing page to display the application in the first positions on the App Store and Google Play, ensure that your audience is attracted and motivated to download. We always search for the best solutions to ensure a high level of conversions.


We will not advertise ourselves, just say - if you have a task, we most likely have an example of its solution, and we are ready to provide you with a summary of the product and customer contacts for recommendations.


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